The Socioteam

The term SocioTeam was proposed to the team of
Sociochat Softwares at the time of founding team was

The SocioTeam is full of people having more experience!

Our team comprises a diverse array of talents, ranging from seasoned software engineers and architects to visionary designers and product managers. With expertise in a multitude of programming languages, frameworks, and methodologies, we bring a rich tapestry of skills to the table, enabling us to tackle even the most complex challenges with confidence and finesse.

Ayush Singh

BOD, Co-Founder & Business Dev Head

Atharva Shinde

BOD, Co-Founder & Operations Head

Aarushi Sharma

Vice President of Human Resources

Priya Mittal

International Relations

Shreya Sharma

Domestic & International Corporate Lawyer

Mahesh Mittal

India Head – Operations